MTT Game Changer Module 1: Raise First In

Raise first in fundamentals for tournament poker MADE EASY!!!
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MTT Game Changer Module 2: BB Defence

Crush BB defence in MTTs and see an upswing in your winrate!!!
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MTT Game Changer Module 3: IP Flop Strategy as the Preflop Raiser

Master the theory and practice as you develop super strong postflop foundations.
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MTT Game Changer Module 4: OOP Flop Strategy as the Preflop Caller

Develop optimum defence frequencies and strategies postflop on different board textures after defending from the BB
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MTT Game Changer Module 5: Facing an Open In Position Preflop

Learn when to call and when to 3-bet at different stack depths and make life harder for your opponents
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MTT Game Changer Module 6: Flop Strategy OOP as the Preflop Raiser

Take your postflop strategy to the next level by developing a solid game plan for OOP
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MTT Game Changer Module 7: Defending the Small Blind

Master small blind defence in MTTs and take your game to the next level
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MTT Game Changer Module 8: IP Flop Strategy as the PFR vs the SB

Learn solid fundamentals for playing the flop in position versus the small blind
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MTT Game Changer Bundle: Modules 1 - 8

Grab all eight modules for a discounted price to really MAXIMISE your edge!
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"Gareth proved to be an invaluable tool as I prepared for the 2016 Super High Roller Bowl. I can't recommend his services enough."

Matt Berkey, USA

Gareth James

Here at MTT Poker School Coaching you’ll find all the programs, courses and digital content you need to start crushing multi-table tournaments. 
Since becoming a coach in 2012, I have worked with over 50 students on developing their games. One of them went on to chop the Sunday Million for over $165,000 and in 2016 I worked with Matt Berkey during his preparation for the 2016 Super High Roller Bowl at the Aria, Las Vegas where he went on to finish 5th for $1,1m. In total my students have over $3m in online earnings.
In 2019, I published my first book Purposeful Practice for Poker, written with Dr Tricia Cardner, the co-host of my podcast Poker On The Mind.


"Gareth and MTT Poker School have changed how I view, study and play poker. Under his expert coaching and support sessions, Gareth has opened my eyes to a whole new dimension of how poker can be played and just how much is missing in my game. I really cannot recommend him enough and may more lessons continue."
Martin Wu, England
"Gareth is more than an excellent poker instructor, he is a brilliant educator! Gareth’s method made me a better player and, from the first session, made me discover my leaks and immediately improve my game, translated in MTT wins. I would recommend him to any player independently of the stakes or level one wants coaching, because Gareth is great for everything!"
K. Fioravantis, Greece
"Over a well-structured and highly personalised and interactive course of coaching and study with Gareth, I have been able to totally transform my approach to MTT play. Gareth has guided me through effective means to use analysis tools and structured thinking to approach the game far more effectively and to break down and reconstruct my own play. 
John Hayes, England